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10 Open-Source Projects That’ll Make You Excited About Using Jetpack Compose

1. klokk

This is a kinetic wall clock. Built using Jetpack Compose Desktop.

In the documentation, you can read about the inspiration behind the project and watch the development process (behind the scenes). You can also contribute to it.

Version: 1.0.1
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – theapache64/klokk: 🕒 A kinetic wall clock, built using Compose DesktopA kinetic wall clock, built using Compose Desktop. Watch full demo Watch Development – Behind the Scenes – Part 1 Watch…

2. MovieCompose

Here is a demo application and great inspiration based on Android’s modern technology stack, which mainly uses the Jetpack Compose UI and Movie DB APIs.

100% Kotlin, Coroutines, Flow, Hilt, MVVM, repository pattern etc.
A documentation is well written and describes the tech stack widely.

Version: 1.0.0
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – skydoves/MovieCompose: 🎞 A demo movie app using Jetpack Compose and Hilt based on modern…MovieCompose is a small demo application based on modern Android tech-stacks especially focus on Jetpack Compose UI…

3. NewtonsTimer

This is another project prepared especially for #AndroidDevChallenge.
It presents Simple timer app inspired by Newton’s Cradle.

The README provides a good explanation of the motivation of the project. The author did also a good job with giving highlights and links to the code. Very inspirational!

Version: n/a
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – MaciejCiemiega/NewtonsTimerSimple timer app inspired by Newton’s Cradle. Created in Jetpack Compose for #AndroidDevChallenge. The goal was to…

4. Flux

Flux is a beautiful weather app which shows how to draw dynamic landscapes with multiple layers that vary regarding the phase of the day

It relies on Jetpack Compose Canvas and supports light / dark theme.
A sneak peak from the awesome docs below:

This dynamic landscape follows a day / night cycle with multiple layers that vary regarding the phase of the day (night, sunrise, day and sunset). The sun and the moon are drawn using a quadratic function computed according to the available space for simplicity purposes

Overall, this is great study material!

Version: n/a
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – fidloo/flux: #AndroidDevChallengeFlux is a dynamic weather that communicates the weather throughout a landscape whose details vary according to the time…

5. create-compose-app

This is a really cool tool for creating a template for Android, Web, Desktop and Chrome extension app written in Jetpack Compose. It saves you from time-consuming setup and configuration.

Generated Android app supports MVVM architecture, Hilt as Dependency Injection Framework, Jetpack Navigation, Logger and Typography with Google Sans. In the desktop template it supports MVVM architecture with Android-ish structure (SingleActivity), Dagger 2 as Dependency Injection framework, navigation/routing with Decompose, Launcher Icons (for all platforms), a separate data module, unit tests and UI tests, logging and Google Sans font. Quite impressive!

Version: v2022.12.19
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – theapache64/create-compose-app: ⌨️ A tool that gives you a massive head start when…⌨️ A tool that gives you a massive head start when building Compose based apps. It saves you from time-consuming setup…

6. McCompose

This is a McDonald’s app built to showcase a usage of Jetpack Compose.

Due to the fact that the project is 2 years old, some quick refactoring may be required to make it compile. Nevertheless, it is worth checking.

Version: 1.0.0
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – hitanshu-dhawan/McCompose: ㅤA McDonald’s app built with Jetpack ComposeHome Screen 🌕 Menu Screen 🌕 Home Screen 🌑 Menu Screen 🌑 Copyright (c) 2020 Hitanshu Dhawan Licensed under the…

7. Schedule Calendar

This is a demo project that highlights a horizontal calendar that shows events chronologically.

It is not a library, but something for curious developers to look at and learn from. Unfortunately, README contains no information at all.

Version: n/a
License: n/aGitHub – halilozercan/compose-schedule-calendar: Demo app for a horizontal schedule(event) calendarYou can’t perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. You signed out in another tab or…

8. Wiggles

Third and last app prepared for Android Dev Challenge in this compilation. It is a puppy adoption app implemented with Android Architecture ComponentsNavigation Compose and Material Components.

While the documentation is not very comprehensive, the code is fairly self-explanatory.

Version: v1.0.0-alpha01
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – Spikeysanju/Wiggles: 🐶 Beautiful Puppy adoption app with Jetpack Compose…Beautiful Puppy adoption app built to Demonstrate the Jetpack Compose UI for Android Dev Challenge Made with love ❤️ by…

9. Roffu

The project showcases an online store specializing in sports shoes from many renowned companies with a modern UI & beautiful animations.

The app has quite modern tech stack and it is based on:

  • Compose Navigation
  • Hilt for dependency Injection
  • Room for storing complex data locally
  • DataStore for shared preferences like app’s launch state and language
  • MacroBenchmark for measuring app performance
  • Coil for loading images with Jetpack Compose etc.

Version: n/a
License: n/aGitHub – mustfaibra/RoFFu: RoFFu is an online store specialized in sports shoes & Sneakers of many…RoFFu is an online store specialized in sports shoes & Sneakers of many famous companies like Nike & Adidas, with a…

10. ViMusic

You can stream music from YouTube Music with this Android open-source application.

The whole project is written in jetpack compose. It supports many features like:

  • playing (almost) any song or video from YouTube Music
  • Background playback
  • caching audio chunks for offline playback
  • searching for songs, albums, artists videos and playlists
  • bookmarking artists and albums
  • importing playlists
  • supporting Android Auto and many more.

Version: v0.5.4
License: GPL-3.0 licenseGitHub – vfsfitvnm/ViMusic: An Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music.An Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music Play (almost) any song or video from YouTube Music…

Notable mention: To-Do

This To-Do list app uses Kotlin Multiplatform to deliver Android and iOS app with Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI frontends respectively. You can treat it as a good reference to start with KMM and Jetpack Compose.

Android app
iOS app

The README provides a technical overview of Android and iOS code, as well as a description of how the shared code was handled. It is nice and easy way to start learning KMM with Jetpack Comopse.

Version: n/a
License: Apache-2.0 licenseGitHub – russhwolf/To-Do: A Kotlin Multiplatform to-do list app with SwiftUI and Compose UI…A Kotlin Multiplatform to-do list app with SwiftUI and Compose UI frontends I’m just starting to learn my way around…


Ok, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the article 🚀 Please let me know if you were inspired by any of the libraries or projects included in the list. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share what aspects or project of the Jetpack Compose world inspire you the most!
Thanks for reading. Till next time! ✌️

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