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[300 Bài Code Thiếu Nhi] Valid Palindrome – Python

Mô tả bài toán

A phrase is a palindrome if, after converting all uppercase letters into lowercase letters and removing all non-alphanumeric characters, it reads the same forward and backward. Alphanumeric characters include letters and numbers.

Given a string s, return true if it is a palindrome, or false otherwise.

Example 1:

Input: s = "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama"
Output: true
Explanation: "amanaplanacanalpanama" is a palindrome.

Example 2:

Input: s = "race a car"
Output: false
Explanation: "raceacar" is not a palindrome.

Example 3:

Input: s = " "
Output: true
Explanation: s is an empty string "" after removing non-alphanumeric characters.
Since an empty string reads the same forward and backward, it is a palindrome.


  • 1 <= s.length <= 2 * 105
  • s consists only of printable ASCII characters.

Giải pháp

Chúng ta sẽ thực hiện kiểm tra kí tự đầu cuối, nếu khác nhau thì trả về false, nếu gặp ký tự đặc biệt thì bỏ qua và tiếp tục vòng lặp. Cứ như vậy cho đến khi hết chuỗi.

class Solution(object):
    def isPalindrome(self, s):
        :type s: str
        :rtype: bool
        l, r = 0, len(s) - 1
        while l < r:
            if not s[l].isalnum():
                l += 1
            elif not s[r].isalnum():
                r -= 1
                if s[l].lower() != s[r].lower():
                    return False
                    l += 1
                    r -= 1
        return True

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